Fire Safety Consultancy Services

Fire safety is something that we all need but often put to the back of our minds, but the results of neglecting this important area can be catastrophic.

Here at KeloScape we provide fire safety consultancy in the Stroud area for organisations who want to take their responsibilities seriously. We make sure that we know the area you work in well, so we can give you all the appropriate safety advice. Stroud is a market town that is uniquely situated at the joining point of the Five Valleys. Much of the town has retained its historic market feel and it has become an area frequented by those looking for the charm and character that comes naturally in this area. Many independent cafes and coffee shops can be found in the town centre, each with their own unique setting. Walkers love the area too as it is a central point for explore the Five Valley region.

By providing cost effective and common-sense advice from a completely unbiased position you can be assured that the information that you are being given is not only relevant to you but also simple to implement. Our specialists do this in a number of ways, but any Fire Safety consultancy can be tailored specifically for your needs.

Legislative Advice

Sifting through all the relevant guidance and legislation relating to fire safety and building regulations can be a time-consuming task. KeloScape can help with providing you with the information that is specific to you building and or industry and can assist with complying with Building Regulations and any requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire Safety on Construction sites

Assessments are undertaken to define the risk of external fires spreading across buildings that are under construction.

This is particularly important where timber is used as a building material. Analysis of any current safety measures that are in place is undertaken along with any recommendations to further improve this and to safeguard escape routes.

KeloScape create this using the HSE guidance HSG 168 Fire Safety in Construction and the JCoP Fire Prevention on Construction Sites (The FPA/RISC Authority)

Further Advice

General Fire Safety advice is given across the board from checking building design plans for both new and existing buildings, reviewing fire safety policies, procedures and emergency plans, through to drafting any necessary safety guidance documents.

If you are looking for professional and knowledgeable fire safety consultancy in the Stroud area, then contact KeloScape today to see how we can help you.