We used Neil when we were in a bit of a bind, and his professionalism and experience really helped us find a solution to the situation we had. In fact Neil was so good that in my opinion he went above and beyond in regards to the job that we asked him to do, and for no extra cost. He acted more as an advisor rather than an inspector, and although he found lots of areas where we needed to improve, he also told us how we could practically move forwards and was more than happy to help us identify cost effective areas where we could get up to code. Health and Safety is a minefield, and you need suppliers on your side, rather than some companies which see it as an area where they can maximise profits at your expense. Neil is one of the good guys, I will always ask Neil to do the RA’s for this business, and I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Neil to anyone who needs someone to show them how to practically improve their fire safety standards within their business.

James Lewis, General Manager CBR ECasks

Ledbury, Herefordshire


Web: www.closebreweryrentals.co.uk


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