Fire Surveys and Audits

General surveys to provide on the spot guidance supported by a brief report, useful prior to or during refurbishments, renovations etc.

An an expert Fire Safety Consultant, Keloscape can provide Audits of Management systems and all related documentation to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement


Fire Safety Consultancy

Advice on Legislation

Assistance with compliance with Building Regulations and guidance on the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, associated regulations and codes of practice many of which are listed in the Statutory Requirements and Codes of Practice area.

Construction site fire safety

Assessments of the risk of external fire spread of buildings under construction, particularly pertinent to timber framed buildings.

Aimed at analysing the site fire safety measures both active & passive and considering the risk to off-site buildings. Also includes guidance on measures to protect occupied buildings which are being extended, e.g. to safeguard escape routes.

This follows the HSE guidance HSG 168 Fire Safety in Construction and the JCoP Fire Prevention on Construction Sites (The FPA/RISC Authority).

General Fire Safety Advice

  • Guidance on the fire safety within new or existing buildings, studies/assessments and plan checking.
  • Reviews of fire safety management policies and practices.
  • Preparation of fire procedures/emergency plans and building fire safety manuals.
  • Drafting of in-house standards and guidance documents.

Our Fire Safety consultancy can be tailored to your precise needs. Get in touch to discuss.

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